Direct URLs

Direct URLs enable you to create very easily links to maps centered on the location of your choice.

This location can be defined by its address or its GPS coordinates.

New : now you will find in each infowindow opening on the maps a URL to a page for which the map is centered on that specific GPS point! Just copy and paste this URL to share any GPS point.

Direct URL with address

Let's suppose you want to create a link towards the place de la concorde. You can then use the 2 following URL:
- de la concorde paris france
These two URL are in fact equivalent as browsers will replace spaces with %20, that we will take care of subsequently. If you intend to include the URL in an email, use the one without spaces. The URL with spaces should be mainly used when you type it directly in your browser.
We recommend that you verify the address you are using is valid by testing it on the homepage. You can enter as much detail as you wish as long as the geocoding is successful.
If you wish to create a link towards a page in French, just replace the 'en' by 'fr' in the URL.

Direct URL with GPS coordinates

For example, let's create a link towards a map centered on the place de la concorde, but this time using GPS coordinates (which have to be in the decimal format).
The latitude of the place de la concorde is 48.8653383 and its longitude is 2.3214677. The URL to use would then be:

Direct URL to a route

We remind you that if you have opened an account with itilog (which is free), you can then create and save your own routes. If you want one of your itinerary to be public, you will be able to share it via a dedicated URL available via your account.